Likewarm Heating Mats

as known as

Heating net or underfloor heating

For those who will not compromise.


Because your home is supposed to be for you, not the other way around. A premium solution for the conscious homeowner.


According to Google the number of hits for terms like gas, heating and boiler repair skyrockets in search engines at the beginning of the heating season, which means that if you don’t act on time, your heating could stay broken for weeks on end.   

But let’s be honest: no one enjoys freezing to death when it suddenly turns cold or desperately trying to hunt down a heating engineer during your work hours or even worse, on your day off.


Now imagine that after having invested into a new heating system, the engineer leaves the premises and all you need to do is switch the thermostat on and off. There is no need to worry about the boiler stove not starting, no need to wait for permission from the chimney sweep, or in short, there are no more unexpected costs or unnecessary hassle, only rather pleasant temperature all over your home.


Temperature control tailored to your needs and long-lasting comfort is provided by a highly- professional product called


the heating net or heating mat.


Electric underfloor heating mats provide the ideal solution either in case of a new-build or a refurbished property. When applied as underfloor heating, they can be used as a secondary or the primary source of heating.  


The heating mat can be placed on top of your existing flooring therefore it can be installed with minimum effort and inconvenience. It is a quick, effective and long-lasting solution.

Is the concrete floor without insulation?

We have a solution: our very own layered plaster boards.


 If you are after a sustainable, high-standard and hassle-free solution, we cannot recommend enough our premium quality Likewarm heating mats.



Environmentally conscious and savvy consumers are growing more and more sceptical about old-fashioned and ordinary heating solutions: instead they switch to modern technologies for a good reason. Due to cutting edge technologies, multifunctional and flexible solutions such as heating mats have appeared on the market that can provide effective, energy-efficient and safe underfloor heating. Heating mats can only be placed on a floor surface therefore it provides a flexible and simple solution to controlling the temperature and humidity of any room. They are also perfect to heat cold flooring and floors laid down with adhesives.



The heating mats are embedded in the thin upper layer of the floor, therefore they warm up the top layer first.


 Streamline heating without demolition? It is possible.

Heating mats can be installed quickly in any room (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, garage etc.). Such modern and independent heating systems can be installed in newly built or refurbished properties alike. This way there is no need for demolition which makes it cost-effective and time-saving. As opposed to the usual water-based heating systems, heating mats do not take up much space, they do not require a boiler, a chimney, a pipe system, a lengthy and expensive planning process or permits.


Not to mention the fact that no one ever tells us about:

The power necessary tor the operation of the mats can be generated through solar panels.

The right design and installation of the solar panels is a one-off investment, which provides you with cost-free heating for the rest of time.


Why Likewarm?


Likewarm has been created because we believe that state of the art, easy to install and professional heating solutions are the future. Likewarm is among the very best quality products on the market. We are in a close and direct contact with the producer therefore we can convey our customers’ and contractors’ opinions and wishes. Thus, you can be absolutely positive that we provide you with an up-to-date product that was developed with great care.


How to install Likewarm heating mats?


Heating mats come fitted with cold wiring. There is no complicated design procedure or permits and there is no need for additional fittings. After the purchase, all you need to do is install/lay down the product and connect it to a thermostat that links into an electrical system.

It can be operated as a complementary system or as your main heating system.


Heating mats only raise the floor level to a minimum extent. It is best for heating (cold)adhesive tile or hard floors as it is a convenient and easy-to-install heating solution. The heating mats can be placed under (cold) hard flooring but work perfectly under carpets or vinyl flooring as well.


In case of wall-to-wall carpets or vinyl flooring the embedding layer is slightly taller. The heating mats are placed on top of a concrete floor in which case we need to use a so-called connecting bridge or adhesive bridge.

The installation is quick and simple and does not require special skills or training. Of course, setting up the electronic device requires specialist knowledge but can be done by a qualified electrician familiar with the technology. After the installation, depending on the drying time of the adhesive, the flooring can be used immediately (after the adhesive has dried).


All you need to do is let us know about your requirements and our experts will take it from there. Upon request, we are able to link you up directly with one of our engineers closest to your location.



The underfloor heating system we provide is a cost-efficient and quick solution, and this is just the beginning! There is a very small number of extra fittings you will need to get hold of for the complete installation: the system itself consists of a mat and a thermostat that you can purchase from our company. Apart from that only a handful of electrical and flooring items need to be provided. The product comes with built-in cold wiring, which makes connection to the main network effortless.


Likewarm heating mats are available in 50 cm wide self-adhesive rolls and the necessary amount is calculated based on the square footage of the room. They are available in various lengths making design planning easier for all. Their wire-like appearance allows a flexible installation.

They are available in three different wattage:

100 Watt/m2   -  150Watt/m2  -   200Watt/m2

























Installation is really simple. In case of (cold) tile or hard flooring 0.5 cm of floor adhesive is enough to completely cover the mat. When it comes to vinyl flooring, the adhesive needs to be 1 cm in height but even this thickness will not raise the floor visibly.


After the installation, the installer places a floor sensor thermostat between two pairs of wires and sets the shut-down temperature in case of possible overheating thus ensuring the safe operation of the product.


Operating the Likewarm heating system



You may have heard before that we can control our homes’ heating systems via our smartphones. That is not the future anymore. It’s the present, providing you with a sense of luxury while saving you money and energy. As part of the cost-efficient solution there is a digitally programmed thermostat linked to the heating mats. We can set the desired temperature differently each day of the week with six different time periods during each day in accordance with our busy daily lives. To go one step forward, smart, touchscreen thermostats are available as well which connect to our phones through Wi-Fi.


Is electric heating expensive? In certain cases, yes. Nevertheless, if you take into consideration all of the above points, what you get in the long run is financial predictability.


Our clients often tell us about their concerns regarding the costs of electric heating. The energy consumption of the heating mats is highly determined by the way we calibrate the system and how meticulous we are about getting the settings right. In other words, if we program our Wi-Fi thermostat sensibly, in accordance with our daily lives, our costs can be drastically lowered.

 All of the below factors have a direct effect on our electric heating usage:

  • what temperature is the thermostat set to
        • the insulation characteristics of the building
  • the outside temperature
  • the effect of next-door properties, surround heating
  • number of outside walls

 As the main emphasis is on the first two points, we can only provide a pre-calculated annual usage and cannot state unequivocally that it is cheap. Nevertheless, pre-programming will enhance energy efficiency.


We’ll help you with the numbers


Likewarm heating mats are available in 100, 150 and 200 W/square meter versions from our webshop. For an independent heating system we would recommend the 150 W/square metre version, while the 100 W/square metre one is ideal for newbuilds or passive houses where it can serve as the main heating source. The same way this technology can act as supplementary or maintenance heating at 100 W/square metre performance. Due to its quick heat-up time the 200 W performance mats are recommended for wet, humid rooms. If we only aim at supplementary heating, even one mat could solve the problem.   


 The electric heating mat is controlled by a programmable thermostat which measures the temperature of the mat’s surface as well as the air temperature.


Safety notice


Our electronic devices can only be installed by engineers or companies that are equipped with the right qualifications and permits. Our products may only be installed if connected to the right type of thermostat.

It is needless to say, that we do not take any responsibility for damage due to faulty installation. Arranging an electrical compliance inspection and providing its minutes is the customer’s responsibility. Upon request we are happy to provide expert advice.


What manufacturers to trust?


Likewarm guarantees reliability and excellent quality. When installed professionally and used as intended, Likewarm heating mats are the embodiment of predictability. Our products fully comply with all EU regulation and have a 10-year warranty.



Why choose the Likewarm heating net?


It is flexible because:

It’s universal as it provides heating in newbuilds or refurbished properties alike.

It can substitute any heating system.

Quick and easy installation and operation.

It is diverse: it can act as underfloor or even ceiling heating.

It is cost-effective because:

it is highly efficient and environmentally friendly;

it is energy-saving.

It is convenient because:

It is safe and childproof;

it reduces heat-up time;

it provides a better sense of heat and a cosy, warm home;

it provides a high sense of comfort;

it provides an even temperature distribution in a given room.

It is user friendly because:

it is discrete, invisible (no ugly radiators or pipes).


It is space-saving as it hardly raises the floor height and comes without pipes or additional fittings.

No maintenance required.